Watched “Shin Godzilla(Godzilla Resurgence)” in ‘Shinjuku Toho building!’ Don’t worry, NO SPOILERS :)

KakaoTalk_20160829_124825336 copy
Godzilla Road where Shinjuku Toho building is located

I went to Shinjuku Toho building, a building of the Godzilla film production, Toho to watch “Shin Godzilla!”

I was so excited to watch the movie as one of my friend watched it before me said the film was much better than he expected since the trailer of the film looked kind of boring.

I watched the movie and… he was so right! I heard that the little boring trailer of the film was just intention of the director to make audience enjoy the movie more with surprise.

When I got Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, where the Toho building is located, there was a big sign of “Godzilla Road” on the road to the building. The Godzilla Road, was just built this year, 2016 celebrating the release of the new movie!

KakaoTalk_20160829_124824794 copy
Shinjuku Toho building with the big Godzilla’s head and hand on the top
KakaoTalk_20160829_124824198 copy
Godzilla shows up in Shinjuku!
(image from
(image from

I wanted to watch 4D movie, but since the tickets for that were sold out on that day, I just watched regular one.

KakaoTalk_20160829_125639240 copy

KakaoTalk_20160829_125743666 copy

Oh, God! the theater store was selling Godzilla-themed popcorn! It was called ‘Mega Popcorn’ and had 29 cm (11.4 inches) height!

I also could see some Godzilla goods at the theater gift shop.

KakaoTalk_20160829_125743404 copyKakaoTalk_20160829_125744426 KakaoTalk_20160829_125618612

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