Shin Godzilla’s Second Form Was Inspired by This?

Shin Godzilla 1st form appeared! my pet eel and Shin Godzilla 2nd form figure
Shin Godzilla 1st form appeared! my pet eel, Davy Jones and Shin Godzilla 2nd form figure (movie monster series)

It was just 2 weeks after Godzilla Resurgence was released when I watched the movie in theater. After long long political meeting part in the film, finally the owner of Godzilla like dorsal fins shows up on the ground and I was like, “what????”

It was far different from Godzilla I expected, you know, like Shin Godzilla on the film poster, and I thought that was just a monster that Shin Godzilla was going to fight in the later part in the movie. I had no idea that was imperfect form of Shin Godzilla.

Anyway I was watching the monster with curiosity and said to myself that “Hehe that unfocused eyes, the big mouth, and the slow swinging neck movement looks so stupid…like my eel……….Right! it just looks like my eel!!!”

I was so excited at that moment! thinking like I might be the only or the first person that realized the fact that eel was the model of the monster because pet eel’s owners were so rare as far as I knew. After I realized that monster was actually Shin Godzilla, I was excited even more.

I have three moray eels. They always make me smile when I look at them because of their hilarious unfocused cartoon-like eyes and a big mouth Keeping opening and closing.

Today I played little with my Shin Godzilla second form figure(movie monster series) and my pet moray eels, Ursula and Davy Jones. Look these pictures of them and see how similar they are!

Ursula and Davy Jones and Shin Godzilla second form figure(movie monster series)
They look particularly similar when they open mouth
in this picture, they somehow look like communicating
lol this one is funny that Ursula looks like screaming to the Godzilla
Ursula became curious about 2nd form



It turned out Shin Godzilla’s second form was inspired by this….


A Frilled Shark! (little disappointing as a moray eel owner though…lol) Well it’s gills very resemble to those of 2nd form. It was already known to some Japanese people, and an aquarium in Japan, where has frilled sharks exhibit, decorated the exhibit with a poster “Shin Frilled Shark” and started to sell plush dolls look like Shin Godzilla.

Frilled Shark Exhibit at an aquarium in Japan, saying "Shin Frilled Shark"
Frilled Shark Exhibit at an aquarium in Japan, saying “Shin Frilled Shark” (image from

It’s little bummer that my eels are not the model of Shin Godzilla, but I still think they are so similar to each other! who knows the suit was also inspired by not only a frilled shark, but also an eel?

Anyway today I has made this meme which is my first meme ever!

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