Welcome to Godzilla Figure Otaku!

Hello! I am Kujira, a Japanese guy living in Tokyo.

As you could easily expect, I am a Godzilla otaku(geek). Most of my days start with searching for Godzilla figures on online stores and end with watching Godzilla movies.

As I was from country Godzilla was born, I grew up watching many kinds of  Godzilla movies. I have collected Godzilla figures since then and as I got older, I started to care more about qualities and values of the figures so did lots of study about the figures.

I built my website,’Godzilla Figure Otaku’ to share my knowledge with other Godzilla figure lovers in the world and help them buy proper and good Godzilla figures.

Since I am a native Japanese living in Japan and can get the direct access to the figures, I can provide you more direct and precise information about the figures, and also you can find more original and rare information from Japanese sources on my website.

Also, I want to share my passion for Godzilla figures with other fans of Godzilla in the world. So please leave comments on my website!

If you are a person who needs more precise information about Godzilla figures before you buy any of them on online stores or is looking for interesting figures to buy, my website is the right place for you!

Plus, I love making short comics and other fun pieces of art with Godzilla toys (often I use other toys with them). I upload them on my website so please enjoy! 🙂

Again, welcome to my website! I hope you enjoy my contents and if you have any questions about Godzilla figures or others, contact me via website or email!

Email: kujira@godzilla-otaku.com

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