Full Review: S.H.MonsterArts Space Godzilla


Main Features

Name: S.H. MonsterArts Space Godzilla (S.H.モンスターアーツ スペースゴジラ)
Film: “Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla” (ゴジラvsスペースゴジラ(1994))
Figure Type: Action figure
Series(brand): S.H Monster Arts (Bandai)
Release Date: March 24, 2012
Material: PVC, ABS
Height: about 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)
Length (nose to tail): about 13.4 inches (34 cm)
Width (toe to toe in standing posture): about 4.25 inches ( 10.8 cm)
Figure Weight: about 0.9 pounds ( 420 g)
Accessories: corona beam effect parts
Availability: OOP, little hard to get
Specialty: the best Godzilla figure maker/designer Yuji Sakai oversaw the design & coloration.

Model in Movie

This monster was created from Godzilla’s G-cells. G-cells were spread by Mothra in 1992, then they were sucked into a black hole, where they absorbed energy, and became the form of the mutated Godzilla covered in crystalline cells.

Instead of atomic breath, Space Godzilla radiates ‘corona beam’ which is even more powerful. An ability to fly is also its specialty. He gets energy from space using Fukuoka tower located in Fukuoka city in Japan.


Overall Sculpture Design / Faithfulness to Movie

This figure is a little skinnier (especially around the neck and the main body) than Godzilla in the movie. Though I think that makes this guy handsomer than the one in the film. Also if this figure was made in a chunky body like the movie it might not be as posable as it is.

Other than that, Mr. Sakai did an amazing job replicating Space Godzilla with the details in the textures and the paint application.

CIMG7465 copy CIMG7467 CIMG7473 copy


It features a variety of detailed skin textures over all parts of the body. The body’s various textures are clearly defined, like the tree bark texture over most of the body, the muscle texture exposed on the main body (which is so cool!), crystalline pattern in the knees, and the elephant trunk like undersides of the tail.

a variety of textures↓


I think this guy’s biggest strength is the beautiful paint application. The mysterious universe-themed coloration perfectly matches its name, “Space Godzilla.”

CIMG7477 copy

Its body is colored with reflective navy color. The tail’s underside is distinguished with reddish purple. Unlike other common Godzilla figures’ claws colored with tarnish color, this figure’s have a gradation of clear white to purple, and they artistically suit the crystalline dorsal fins of a pearl white to violet gradation.

CIMG7503CIMG7475 copyCIMG7472 copy

This beautiful coloration makes this guy look like a “bejeweled art object.”

The only crystalline parts not colored with pearl white is the two big crystals on its shoulder. It is colored with a gradation of ivory to red, and it looks so cool as it looks like teeth and gums coming out from the shoulder! (if that is true, I feel pity for him…)


The Face

CIMG7491 copy

I also appreciate the “space horn” which is colored translucent amber gold and burnished brown. I looks cool. I often call him “chicken head” as the horn looks like a cockscomb.

For fun I counted teeth on left and right sides of the mouth, and they were perfectly symmetric! both sides have the same numbers of teeth. You can try counting, too if you have time. 🙂

I just wish that the paint job for the tongue would be better. It is simply colored with single dark red color (without gradation or shading) making it look like the tongue is just attached to the mouth. Though I am happy with the detailed texture of the tongue.




It has quite good articulation. Especially the face and the neck parts are very easy to move in a wide range of angles, and you can even move its lower jaw left and right a little as seen below!

You can spin around the arms and the hands easily as they have some ball joints in them. However the main body and the legs are relatively hard to move. I can spin around the thighs and bend the legs well to make a walking pose or a running pose, but the feet can’t swivel 360 degrees. Well, it is a little bummer.

Godzilla in some poses ↓

CIMG7488 copy
just kind of dance 🙂
CIMG7486 copy
CIMG7489 copy
I really need to go to the restrooooom!!!
CIMG7481 copy
CIMG7482 copy

However, the awesome thing is the articulation of its tail! The tail is obviously more posable than Godzilla 1995 Birth with more movable joints. Unlike Godzilla 1995 Birth, which has 9 attached segments at the end of its tail, this guy has 6 attached segments making the tail’s movement more flexible.

But some segments of the tail are loosened and too easily rotated making the tail misaligned in some poses. It could be just mine though, I am not sure about other products.

Tail’s articulation↓

Overall, there is no bothering gap between joints except between back and pelvis. The joints are hidden well and gaps are minimized. It’s just awesome!

Watch this Youtube video below to see more of the articulation and coloration of this Godzilla.




 I personally really love the “corona beam” effect parts! I was so excited to see the crystal-shaped stand as it features the real crystals surrounded Space Godzilla in the movie scene.

Pictures with Other Figures (enjoy!)

CIMG7505 copy CIMG7507 copy CIMG7510 copy CIMG7527 copy

-The End-

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