Full Review: S.H. MonsterArts Little Godzilla Crystal Set

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Main Features

Name: S.H. Monster Arts Little Godzilla (S.H.モンスターアーツリトルゴジラ&結晶体セット)
Film: “Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla”(1994) (ゴジラvsスペースゴジラ)
Figure Type: Action figure
Series(brand): S.H Monster Arts (Bandai)
Release Date:  February  6th, 2012
Material: PVC, ABS
Height: about 3.74 inches (9.5 cm)
Accessories: crystal set
Availability: OOP, hard to get
Specialty: sculpted by Shinichi Wakasa, the actual Little Godzilla suit designer

Model in Movie

Little Godzilla in the movie, “Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla”

Little Godzilla is the grown-up version of the Baby Godzilla in the movie, “Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla.

BOX Design/Description

Click images for full sized ones.

The Figure and Accessories

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Overall Sculpt Design

CIMG2255 copy

CIMG2270 copy

(Image from http://p-bandai.jp)

As the Little Godzilla was designed to attract female and kid fans, it is characterized with the face of kitten (big eyes and big mouth).

And the figure is faithfully sculpted with depicting the characteristics very well.

In the picture below, you can also see a cute ear like those of cat.

CIMG2264 copy

When it comes to paint application, I appreciate gradations around its body but in comparison to works of Yuji Sakai, a Godzilla figure maker, it looks little rough (maybe my expectation for paint work of Godzilla figures have gotten high because of Sakai’s work. :p)

But I also appreciate variation in the pattern of the body parts. Parts of the face to the neck, the chest, parts of the legs,  the arms, and the tail, and tail’s bottom have different patterns.

I don’t like its back part though, I see a big gap on the back and the white part of the inner part makes the figure look little cheap…


Although it has good articulation in arms and legs like other Godzilla action figures, the neck and the tail parts are not articulated at all…

Mouth’s articulation in maximum angle ↓

Back’s articulation in maximum angle ↓

Little Godzilla in some poses ↓

CIMG2300 copy

This Godzilla figure seems to be designed especially for sitting posture. It looks the nicest to me in its sitting posture.

CIMG2295 copy


With the crystal set, you can depict the movie scene when Little Godzilla is imprisoned in the crystal by Space Godzilla.

CIMG2286 copy CIMG2287 copy CIMG2289 copy CIMG2291 copy CIMG2296 copy

Extra Photos (enjoy!)

Scene 1: Father and Son

CIMG2302 copy CIMG2304 copy CIMG2305 copy

Little Godzilla, a happy kid

Scene 2: Protecting Kid

CIMG2311 copy

hmmm something is wrong?
hmmm… something is wrong.
CIMG2310 copy
so wrong…

Scene 3: Parents and a Kid

CIMG2319 copy

Scene 4: Don’t Follow the Stranger!

CIMG2323 copy

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