Full Review: Movie Monster Series Godzilla (2016) Second Form (Kamata-Kun)


Main Features

Name: Movie Monster Series Godzilla (2016) Second Form (ゴジラ2016第二形態)
Film: Godzilla Resurgence/Shin Godzilla/Godzilla(2016) (シンゴジラ)
Figure Type: Figurine or Action figure (only legs are articulated)
Series(brand): Movie Monster Series (Bandai)
Release Date:  August  6th, 2016
Material: Vinyl
Height: about 3.74 inches (9.5 cm)
Length: about 12.2 inches (31 cm)
Accessories: No accessory
Availability: Very easy to get

It was when my friend from America visited me in Tokyo when I bought this figure. I brought my friend to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories. While he was busy for a night view of Tokyo, I was hanging around at the gift shop and saw Movie Monster Series Shin Godzilla figures!

Since they were released in August, they have gotten so amazingly popular that people can’t get them from the official shop but other online shops in Amazon or somewhere in Japan. Of course, the price of those figures have jumped more than 4 times. But… they were right there in front of me!

I felt so lucky that I found them at the shop like that normally not many people pay attention to. Who would imagine that one can buy that valuable figures at the Government building gift shop?? This story somehow reminds me of the movie, National Treasure lol

Anyway I happily bought the figures of 2nd and 3rd form which were the only and the last ones at the store. There were the Shin Godzilla figure, too, but because I promised myself that I were going to buy only much more expensive and delicate one later, I didn’t buy that.

Model in Movie

Shin Godzilla second form in the movie, Godzilla Resurgence

Shin Godzilla second form is the first Shin Godzilla’s form that appeared on the film, Godzilla Resurgence (as the first form only showed only its dorsal fins on the screen). Later in the movie, it evolves (or transforms) to the third form (it’s so amazing the creature evolves that fast…maybe it’s because of the power of radioactivity?).

Japanese people call it also ‘”Kamata-Kun(蒲田くん)” as it appears in the area called Kamata in Tokyo. I guess using the nick name is so much more convenient than calling it “Shin Godzilla Second Form” every time.

BOX Design/Description

It doesn’t have any box, it has only a product tag.

Overall Sculpt Design  ★ 3/5

cimg2701-copy 2ndform01-copy cimg2704-copy cimg2711-copy

First of all, the body shape of 2nd form is very faithfully sculpted into the figure! The textures of the figure even successfully show body muscles of the Godzilla.


In the pictures above, you can also see the tiny immature arms sprouting from its chest and the prominent sternum (breastbone) on the chest. Its gills are also well detailed with thin lines.


However, there is one mystery about its body. Look the picture above. I think it’s cool that the figure has those thick lines on its body like its film’s suit, but I am not sure what they really are. Are they veins or just wrinkles? If they are veins…It makes me picture this…

The muscular legs after taking vasodilator… good or bad example? lol Whatever they are, this figure is very good for studying the shape of 2nd form, Kamata-Kun.


I also like a gradation of its dorsal fins.

However, I gave this figure 3 stars out of 5 for the overall sculpt design because the first, the coloration is somehow different with the suit in the movie. The figure’s color is brighter than those of the model in the film. The toenails and back of the dorsal fins are colored with the same color of the body.

And the second, the figure relatively lacks details of body’s patterns. It doesn’t have many wrinkles as the suit does even though the textures of the figure are detailed enough to show the suit’s body muscles. It has rough teeth which only their surface was slightly sculpted.

Articulation  ★ 1/5

I gave 1 star for its articulation because… simply only one part of its body is articulated. lol

Oh, actually it’s two parts. They are the legs.


Like that…. I wish I could move its head and neck…

*Caution for Whom to Buy This Figure

There is one thing you need to know before you buy this figure. That’s its stupid product tag!


I couldn’t find out the way to remove it cleanly as an hook of the plastic string deeply stuck in the neck. So this ugly part has remained with a hole…


Ugh… please let me know if you find out the way to remove it…

Extra Photos (enjoy!)

2nd and 3rd form…They looked like brothers so… I imagined what would happen if they are real brothers.




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