Full Review: S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla (2014)

Godzilla 2014 (tamashii.jp)

Main Features

Name: S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 2014 (S.H.モンスターアーツ ゴジラ 2014)
Film: “Godzilla (2014)” (GODZILLA ゴジラ)
Figure Type: Action figure
Series(brand): S.H Monster Arts (Bandai)
Material: PVC, ABS
Release Date: September 13, 2014
Height: about 5.9 inches (15 cm)
Length (nose to tail): about 13.4 inches (34 cm)
Width (toe to toe in standing posture): about 3.74 inches ( 9.5 cm)
Figure Weight: 0.617 pounds (280 g)
Availability: OOP, but still easy to get
Specialty: the best Godzilla figure maker/designer Yuji Sakai oversaw the design & coloration.

Model in Movie

This Hollywood version of Godzilla’s appearance is more faithful to the original Toho production’s than those of another Hollywood movie, Godzilla (1998). Unlike Godzilla(1998) which has a skinny body and a big head with large mouth, Godzilla 2014 features the small head and the chunky body which is similar to those of the Heisei Godzillas.

BOX Design/Description

As seen below, there is the pattern of scratches by Godzilla claws on the box’s top and side, and the patterned parts are transparent with showing the figure inside.

CIMG8952 copy

On the main part of back side, there are illustrations of the figure. On the bottom part of it, there is a story about Yuji Sakai and his works.

The sides and the top of the box ↓

Overall Sculpture Design / Faithfulness to Movie

CIMG8830 CIMG8834 copyCIMG8832 copy

Check out these distinctive textures over all parts of the body!

Picture below shows the textures of the main body. The pattern looks like the underside of a turtle shell. I love the tint of khaki over the chest and inner side of the forearms.

CIMG8840 copy

And the picture below shows the tail’s texture.

CIMG8879 copy

Dorsal Fins

Dorsal fins are very interesting. Though I have no idea where the creator of this Godzilla got the idea for the fin design, I wonder if he adapted the shape of fish dorsal fins.

fishes' dorsal fins (www.leisurepro.com)
some kinds of fish dorsal fin (www.leisurepro.com)
CIMG8851 copy
Dorsal fins of Godzilla 2014

CIMG8854 copy

The Face

CIMG8837 copy

Its face somehow reminds me of an alligator!

CIMG8846 copy

And its eyes are very small but detailed so staring them makes me feel like looking at human eyes, like a human is locked in this suit. I imagine a story of, like some SF movies, a human transformed to a monster (in this case, the Kaiju).

CIMG8874 copy

Its teeth have the tint of reddish violet, and to me, it looks like this guy is excited after drinking lot of wine!


CIMG8840 copyCIMG8871 copy

And its feet looks like a triceratops….


CIMG8884 copy

One more specialty of this Godzilla is this prominent pubis bone which is characteristics of the reptile.

Wow…this Godzilla has many features of real reptiles(or dinosaurs)!


Mouth articulation ↓

Pictures below show the maximum bend and the stretch of the neck.

CIMG8876 copy CIMG8877 copy

This Godzilla’s sitting posture is very stable.

CIMG8885 copy

Because of good articulation, like Godzilla 2000 Millennium, you can even pose it with hands touching its face.

CIMG8889 copy


The Tail

CIMG8868 copy

The last segment of the tail is made of the very soft and flexible material, so it makes the tail more natural reptile-like shape.

Tail’s articulation↓

Watch this Youtube video below to see more of the articulation and coloration of this Godzilla.


Extra Photos (enjoy!)

Scene 1: ‘Godzilla reading a book’

CIMG8893 copy CIMG8894 copy CIMG8896 copy CIMG8901 copy CIMG8902 copy

 Scene 2: ‘Godzilla climbing a melogold’

CIMG8910 - Copy copyCIMG8912 copyCIMG8904 - Copy copy

Scene 3: ‘when S.H. Monster Art Godzilla meets X-Plus Godzilla’


“mom and kid holding hands” (I wish I had a balloon to put in the small Godzilla’s hand)

-The End-

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