Godzilla Comics – Finding Daisy 2

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Finding Daisy 2
by Kujira (godzilla-otaku.com)
Mom: No! Daisy!!! He’s too far away…
Rose(Mom): Help!!!
Michael: Hi, Rose! What happend?
Rose: Oh! Michael! A reptile like monster took my daughter!
Michael: Really?? Daisy? I bet the monster was a Godzilla! I heard that a herd of them has been living in the Mt. Adonoa since the nuclear testing has done there in 1958… It’s been unkown what they’ve lived on, but I guess we got the anwser finally…
Michael: Sorry, Rose. There is nothing I can do for…
Mr. Nose: Hey! Where’s my Pizza?

Michael: Oh, I am so sorry sir.
Michael: Hey!!! Thief!
Michael: Stop my bike!!
Mrs. Nose: Oh, dear! They’re crazy.
Rose: Oh, when did you get on? I knew you would join me.
Michael: Whatever. I’ll sue you, thief.

So, Rose and Michael left for Mt. Adonoa together to rescue Daisy from Godzilla.

episode02_10 copy
They just hope nothing horrible has happened to Daisy yet.
episode02_11 copy
Not yet…

Daisy: Where’s here…

To be continue…

Starring:  Godzilla 2000 Millennium and Sylvanian Families (Calico Critters)

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